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  • /argus - NFS share from main file server (silo)
  • /argus/md5 - Storage of md5 checksums for files
  • /argus/movies - Storage of organization tags, symlinks to actual movie images, descriptions, etc
  • /argus/mnt/* - Individual drives get mounted here
    On the primary node (argus-n0) all disks in the system get mounted in /argus/mnt, either directly or via NFS. Each of the nodes mounts /argus from the file server. This holds md5 checksums, status files and few other such things.

    Client machines just need to mount /argus/movies via Samba from the primary node. Smbd will do the symlink lookup for the files stored there so the clients don't need to mount all the drives. Currently, I am only running this with windows clients, but it should work just fine with linux clients as well.

    The primary node also has a separate disk mounts as '/mnt/import'. This is where new movies are dumped to add to the system.
    'df -h' for argus-n0 (primary)
    /dev/ad2                         112G    667M    111G     1%    /mnt/import
    silo:/home/argus                 205G    148G     57G    72%    /argus
    /dev/ad10                        298G    295G    3.0G    99%    /argus/mnt/wdc320-0
    /dev/ad12                        112G     94G     18G    84%    /argus/mnt/wdc120-1
    /dev/ad4                         233G    213G     20G    92%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-0
    /dev/ad6                         233G    215G     17G    93%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-1
    /dev/ad8                         114G     94G     21G    82%    /argus/mnt/max120-1
    /dev/ad9                         114G     96G     18G    84%    /argus/mnt/max120-0
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/smax250-1    234G    219G     15G    94%    /argus/mnt/smax250-1
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/ssea320-0    298G    283G     15G    95%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-0
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/ssea320-2    298G    281G     17G    94%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-2
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/swdc320-1    298G    282G     16G    95%    /argus/mnt/swdc320-1
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/smax250-2    234G    219G     15G    94%    /argus/mnt/smax250-2
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/max300-0     279G    259G     21G    93%    /argus/mnt/max300-0
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/ssam500-1    465G    449G     17G    96%    /argus/mnt/ssam500-1
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/smax250-3    234G    217G     16G    93%    /argus/mnt/smax250-3
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/wdc250-3     233G    213G     20G    92%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-3
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/wdc250-2     233G    216G     16G    93%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-2
    argus-n1:/argus/mnt/smax250-0    234G    216G     18G    92%    /argus/mnt/smax250-0
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea320-3    298G    278G     20G    93%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-3
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea250-4    233G    224G    8.8G    96%    /argus/mnt/ssea250-4
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssam500-2    465G    203G    263G    44%    /argus/mnt/ssam500-2
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea250-0    233G    227G    5.3G    98%    /argus/mnt/ssea250-0
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea250-2    233G    222G     11G    95%    /argus/mnt/ssea250-2
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea400-0    372G    370G    2.1G    99%    /argus/mnt/ssea400-0
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea250-5    233G    222G     10G    96%    /argus/mnt/ssea250-5
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea250-1    233G    231G    2.0G    99%    /argus/mnt/ssea250-1
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/swdc320-2    298G    278G     20G    93%    /argus/mnt/swdc320-2
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssam500-0    465G    414G     52G    89%    /argus/mnt/ssam500-0
    argus-n2:/argus/mnt/ssea320-1    298G    278G     20G    93%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-1
    'df -h' for argus-n1 (one of the other nodes)
    silo:/home/argus    205G    148G     57G    72%    /argus
    /dev/ad10           234G    219G     15G    94%    /argus/mnt/smax250-1
    /dev/ad12           298G    283G     15G    95%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-0
    /dev/ad14           298G    281G     17G    94%    /argus/mnt/ssea320-2
    /dev/ad16           298G    282G     16G    95%    /argus/mnt/swdc320-1
    /dev/ad18           234G    219G     15G    94%    /argus/mnt/smax250-2
    /dev/ad2            279G    259G     21G    93%    /argus/mnt/max300-0
    /dev/ad20           465G    449G     17G    96%    /argus/mnt/ssam500-1
    /dev/ad22           234G    217G     16G    93%    /argus/mnt/smax250-3
    /dev/ad5            233G    213G     20G    92%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-3
    /dev/ad7            233G    216G     16G    93%    /argus/mnt/wdc250-2
    /dev/ad8            234G    216G     18G    92%    /argus/mnt/smax250-0

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