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This contraption might just save me from an early grave. Here is the problem:
  • Jogging is for assholes.
  • Biking outdoors changes a great deal based on climate. I consider only about 4 months out of the year (parts of spring and fall) a reasonable temperature for biking outside. This machine runs hot.
  • Biking outdoors involves dealing with assholes in their cars. Will probably raise my blood presure even more. That is assuming they don't just kill me outright.
  • Biking indoors (excersize bike) is incredibly boring.
  • Sitting around and watching Deep Space 9 all day makes me feel fat and lazy (rightly so)

    The solution! An excersize bike with attached LCD backed by 6TB of DVDs.

    The LCD is supported by some cat5 cable from the ceiling. (What is the breaking strain of cat5 anyways?) In case you were wondering, LCDs seem to all use a standard M4 metric bolt. Depending on the model, the holes will form a 75mm or 100mm square. Use this knowledge if you are ever considering buying an overpriced LCD arm. The computer is a NewEgg special (read: whatever was cheap at the time). It is mounted in a panel on the ceiling. Because I am an idiot, the panel is only about 2" from the wall, so there is just enough room to barely squeeze my hand to connect the cables. A few more inches would have made that part a breeze.
    The LCD angle is adjusted by a percision counterweight (ziplock bag of loose change) placed on the back of the support stand.

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